20 September 2020


3 ITRA points
9 mountain

20 September 2020

3 ITRA points
9 mountain

L’Ultra of Heroes it is the hardest and most demanding path, which crosses many kilometers of ridges and most of the peaks of the Grappa massif passing through most places wild ed exciting that only our tops can give.

You will have the opportunity to travel all the way both of the Sky that of Trail of the Heroes by tracing, where possible, the trenches of the Great War and the high route of the Heroes.

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The historical jewel of the Veneto, which represents Italian resistance par excellence in the First World War.

The Grappa massif is located on the chain of the Venetian Prealps between the Venetian plain to the south and the central-alpine territories to the north. The river Brenta divides it to the west from’Asiago plateau, while to the east is the river Piave to trace its boundary and to separate it from the Cesen-Visentin group. To the north we find Lake Corlo and the Conca di Feltre. The Massif, once known as Alpe Madre, it is divided between three provinces: Vicenza West, Treviso to the south e Belluno to the northeast.

Its summit, in the Cima Grappa area, measure 1775 m s.l.m. but its territory is characterized by the presence of many other peaks: among the main Col Moschin (1.279 meters), Colle della Berretta, Monte Asolone, Monte Pertica, Prassolan, Monti Solaroli, Dry Fountain, Monte Peurna, Monte Santo, Monte Tomatico (1.595m), Meatte, Monte Palon e Monte Tomba


Mount Grappa rises close to the Venetian plain. Its climate is often influenced by extremely variable weather conditions. Precipitation is abundant throughout the year, especially in the autumn period, winter and spring.

Although the late summer season can bring sun and heat in the first phase of the race, the weather close to the peaks could reserve strong winds, rain and rapidly changing temperatures. In September the daytime temperatures generally vary from 23 ° -19 ° at night from 13 ° -8 °

A weather station of the type is active near the Bassano refuge in Cima Grappa Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus online 24 hours on 24, with various webcams. For more information consult Cima Grappa Meteo

The track of the Ultra of Heroes

  • Length: 60,5 km
  • Positive height difference: 4.110 m
  • Altitude MAX: Cima Grappa 1.775 m
  • Departure: ore 05.00 gives Rasai Sports Center of Seren del Grappa (BL)
  • Arrival: Rasai Sports Center of Seren del Grappa (BL)
  • Map: file Gpx
  • Roadbook: coming soon
  • Maximum time: 14 ore
  • ITRA points: 3
  • Mountain points: 9

Forcella Alta 1222m km 12,5

Val Hello 1037m 21 km

Monte Grappa 1775m 34 km

Val Hello 1037m 46km

Sports facilities rasai 325m

Tomatico 1575m 8,1 km

Monte Santo 1525m 10,4 km

Monte Sassuma 1500m 11,6 km

Forcella Alta 1222m 12,5 km (refreshment)

To Peurna 1070m 14,5 km

Pian del Giacon 626m 18,8 km

Weather in Casera Checca 886m 20 km

Valdumella stable 1180m 22,5 km (refreshment)

Fontanasecca Summit 1618m 24,5 km

Cima Palon della Pausa 1616m 26 km

Cima Salaroli 1651m 27 km

With the bear 1668m 28,5 km

Cross of the Lebi 1571km 31 km

Malga Valvecchia 1521m 33 km

Cima Grappa 1775m 35 km (refreshment)

Malga Valvecchia 1521m 36 km

Pian della Bala 1379m 36,5 km

Cason del Sol 1225m 39,5 km

Homemade tamer 1199m 40,5 km

Cinespa stable 1224m 43,3 km

Valdumella stable 1180m 45,5 km (refreshment)

Homemade Bonani 956m 47,5 km

Weather in Casera Checca 886m 48 km

San Siro 516m 53 km

Salute Fountain 488m 54,5 km

Seren cemetery 414m 22 km

Sports facilities rasai 325m 23 km

It is the most demanding race! It crosses km and km of grow and much of the peaks of the Grappa massif.

It passes through the wildest places and it is the sum of the Sky and the Trail of Heroes.

Begins with 3/4 km with a slight climb and then start the real climb to the Tomatico without a moment's breath until the huge cross on the summit. Here the less competitive can rest for a moment and take a look at the Val belluna and all the Dolomites.

Now the climb is over and we have a fantastic ride on the ridge, steep slopes on one side and wood on the other. At some point it is right to have a minimum of attention.

You cross the top of Monte Santo overlooking the plain, the Piave and also the sea on fine days.

From here begins a short descent that leads to a fork and then you run a stretch in the woods. (Tree crashes caused by the Vaia storm but settled by Seren's boys! Thanks!).

Last ascent to the top of Sassuma and then downhill to the restaurant located in Forcella Alta.

From here continue downhill along a path in the woods just below the ridge line, until you reach the road that quickly leads to Pra Peurna.

Descent first to Stradina and then along a nice path until you cross the dirt road that goes up from San Siro. (From here you enter the path of the 48 km and follow it faithfully to the finish line.).

Continue always with some slight up and down on a white road to the houses of Pian del Giacon.

Still a slightly downhill road until a path starts uphill on the left. In short and always with steep slopes, it leads to the beautiful Casera Checca or count.

Once on the road, continue on the right for about 100 meters until you take the path, on the left which soon leads to Forcella D’Avien. (Just above the path you can still see the base of the cableway used in the First World War by the Austro-Hungarians to send supplies to the Val Dumela area).

Now continue on a bold road and pass under a tunnel (always war works) short descent and you will reach the refreshment point in Malga Valdumella.

Now we continue to go up into the woods until we reach the meadows below Monte Fontanasecca. Here you go straight to the top. They await us from the top 8 km of ridges with various short descents and climbs pointing towards the top of Grappa crossing the various peaks of the ridge, Col della Pausa – Solaroli – With the Bear, here along the crest the presence of war finds continually reminds us of those who fought over here 100 Years ago. The panorama is vast among the sea , the plain and the Dolomites.

Arrived at the cross of the term, follow the path that soon leads to the road that leads us to Malga Valvecchia. Here we continue and shortly we reach the square of the Cadorna gallery.

Climb to the Ossuary, better if walking, with respect for all the people who are buried here. Now the refreshment of Cima Grappa awaits us where the Alpini will give us some extras.

Now go down a steep path to the Valvecchia hut and continue straight up to Pian della Bala.

From here, along a beautiful path that crosses the meadows, you reach a small lake and then continue along the almost flat white road towards the Cason del Sol farmhouse, and then Casera Domador,Valderoa hut, Cinespa stables.

After passing through this beautiful place, go down a path in the woods until you cross the path that climbs up to the Valdumella hut where we find the refreshment again.

After being refreshed, follow the mule track done in the opposite direction of the outward journey and return to Forcella Valderoa.

Shortly after we find a comfortable path on the left that takes us making nice hairpin bends to a small road.

Continue to the right and always follow the dirt road and in some stretches cemented and steep up to the point where we also passed the first leg and reach San Siro, and descent by road and path to the bridge.

Last ascent on the path of about 200d + first to the Fontana della Salute (they say it is one of the best water fountains in Italy) and another stretch that leads to the road under the Cimetta.

After a while, the descent begins, which soon leads to the beautiful meadows above the town.

A bit of asphalt, the classic tour of the cemetery and then down into the woods for the last exciting and fast km along the path that follows the stream. Cross the road, last few meters of fun path until you come out a few meters before the finish.


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