Dear Athlete, giving welcome, we want to make available this Regulation to, within the rules, May you live a wonderful experience to remember in time. It is important you are aware that you will find yourself running in a natural environment, rich in history, arousing strong emotions but for that also wants to be respected.

This year the proposals of "Journey" that we have available will be well 3! The Grappa will welcome you from two different sides.

In drafting this regulation, We paid particular attention to the safety of the competitors and respect for nature which welcomes them. And it is in the environment that puts our attention in particular, so many others after your passing may enjoy the same privileges. For the safety and protection of your health is important to a proper workout, that allows you to tackle with confidence the path and appreciate the qualities.

Also remember that some points of the regulation that may seem difficult parts are born from the desire to make available fast and administrative tasks.

We hope for a triple and mutual satisfaction:

  • you'll be glad that you'll come home with a wonderful memory discovering places that you probably did not know before.
  • we will be glad we do because our passion has always been that of the enhancement of our mountains.
  • It will be happy because nature has been respected.

Read it slowly to understand the content but above all its meaning.


Race Director David Zanetti cell. 3291974684

Vice Alessandro Conte cell. 3478622051

Secretary Barbara Bellucco Mobile. 3475963040

Without premise, now for the Regulation that will read, shared and unreservedly accepted in all its parts.


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