The group started in 2010 in great simplicity and, over the time, It was enriched by the presence of so many friends and ambitious goals.

They thrill to the landscapes, people, the feelings and especially to capture the emotions arising from the race in the wild: the Adventure Racing precisely.

Basically, We try running as an experience.

We are looking for people to share these items, these emotions.

The ns. goal is to complete the "Journey".

Come dice J. Bingham: "Often not be finishers most difficult, but having the courage to leave!”

For the "Wolves" members is a great privilege to wear the shirt with the symbol of the group, because behind this symbol of the values ​​are represented subscriptions, satisfactions and sacrifices that have always supported.

OUR Milestones

  1. The Trail of Sport understood as an essential element of physical and moral education of the individual and an integral part of education and national culture.
  2. Knowledge and Promotion history and nature of the places.
  3. Respect for nature and the natural environment that hosts us. The real trailer never throw waste on the path, respects the environment and the land on which it moves.
  4. Commitment to preserve natural places crossed.
  5. Being an example in front third of the responsibility assumed for the environment
  6. Always help a comrade in trouble, both in race and in training. The real trailer assists the athlete in difficulty, He shares with others the effort but also the joy of a race or a workout, offends or threatens the organizers or volunteers on the course.
  7. Being present and available, each to their own possibilities, during competitions and official events organized by the Group.
  8. Being proactive and engaging with regard to the collective training and all the initiatives put in place in favor of the group and shared with it.
  9. Respect for oneself. We strongly condemn the use of performance-enhancing drugs; the irresponsible attitudes; taking medicines in the race


We have 50 members, from all over Italy.

The curriculum of the partners is important:

  • 150K Boavista,
  • 125K Abbots Way,
  • 100K Sahara,
  • Transgrancanaria,
  • Chott Xtrem Marathon,
  • Lavaredo Ultra Trail,
  • Polar Circle Marathon,
  • 100K Namibia,
  • 130K Raid Desert Oman,
  • Zagora Marathon,
  • 120K Ultratrail Cromagnón,
  • 250K Marathon Sands,
  • Lava Trail, Lanzarotte,
  • Etc…

Members engage in "travel" along the ancient paths, in order to make a promotion Historical Natural Food.

Just as an example:

  • Via Claudia Augusta,
  • Via Francigena,
  • Old Way of the Abbots,
  • Ancient Via Ortigara Top military connection with Cima Grappa.


The APS Wolves Team has been awarded in 2018 of the Cross Peoples give one Scientific Committee composed of Historians of the main countries involved in conflict 14-18, with the following motivation: "Sports group born in 2008, organizes on the Grappa massif forward to world events related to the activity of the "Trail Running". It adheres to a code of values ​​such as friendship, the semplicity, respect and help those in need. They were able to set an example for many other associations, sports and not, who have chosen the Monte Sacro as a setting for competitions in which men fight in the spirit of competition and not of oppression, dedicating insights and studies, targeted at athletes, each participant to raise awareness about why today's sport can help to not forget the past by building new ways forward peacefully.

The Event Trail of Heroes, Organized by Us, per its features has been inserted in UNESCO project IPA Asolo Monte Grappa, as the only manifestation of the territory involving, combines and sensitizes the region, the 3 Provinces and the 23 municipalities where the Grappa Massif insists