From this year we will be on the itinerary of eateries that will offer you food and drinks to QUALITY


For participatory and all the friends there will be a magnificent celebration at the starting line but above arrival!

  • Health Source (km 11,3)
  • Valpore Learning Center (km 24,7)
  • Monte Asolone (quota 1520m, km 12)
  • Monte Grappa (quota 1775m, km 20)
  • Monte Palon (quota 1300m)
  • In the heart of Quero
  • Malga Paradise (quota 1309m, km 15)
  • Stalla Val Believe (quota 1178m, km 23)
  • Schievenin (km 13)
  • Monte Palon (km 28)
  • Cima Grappa (km 37)
  • Dear Val Stalle (km 47)
  • Schievenin (km 13)
  • Monte Palon (km 28)
  • Cima Grappa (km 37)
  • Dear Val Stalle (km 47)
  • Stables Pàoda (quota 1179, km 12)


There stroke and stroke, there is one which says: “I'm going to take an hour”, or “Today I run my first marathon” or instead “I get up early and when the morning darkness is still busy, start to run the Trail of Heroes”.
When you are running for 54 km with 4500 m D +, We are doing much more than just the act of running, it commits an act which confronts us with our bodies and with our heads, often immersed in wild places and challenging routes.

The trail was born as a stroke of freedom, in food autonomy and without km mark on the route, but, contrary to what you might think, It is a journey that must be organized and accurate in all its aspects.
L 'physical training, like running for hours on the trails and in the woods, is not sufficient. You must also train the willpower to manage the race and hardships and last but equally important, the nutritional aspect.

Here then is the Trail of Heroes will also be a springboard to grow the athletes in these three aspects: physical, mental and food.
For us lovers of the race trail is an exercise that allows us to know their physical, their emotions and helps us understand how to support the body and mind to be able to finish races which on paper seem unlikely.
Feature and point of our Trail of Heroes is food self-sufficiency, faithful look to culture and ritual of the sport. The organization ensures the riders the water, soft drinks and quality products provided by Billy, Monti Trentini and S.Bernardo that will be available to the various dining options.

There are many new athletes who engage in this type of competition, and some of them will launch later in the stage races of tens of kilometers in food self-sufficiency with limited knowledge about the integration and what it does really well to hire.
In this sense, the Trail of Heroes would also be a gym to take you on a fascinating world but at the same time complex.