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… if it were not “Heroes”, It would be just a Trail!

A race in memory and in the history of our country through those places that were the theater
of the first World War, and which have marked the destiny of Italy and that of hundreds of thousands of men.

You will leave from the slopes of Monte Grappa to reach, through places of great battles,
trenches and panoramas, the Shrine at the Top of Grappa, where today lie the remains of 22.910 soldiers.
A unique opportunity to come face to face with history.

UTMB - Qualifying race
UTMB - Qualifying race

Thank you all!!

It closes the 9 th edition of the Trail Heroes, with Acknowledgments.
I want to start with a passage from the Letter of the President Zaia, received a few days before, to witness its proximity to Us:
"The Wolves Team have the merit of organizing this sports event, with commitment and passion, dressing a shirt that inspired and promotes important values, such as respect for the environment, helping those in need, the physical and mental wellbeing, education to sport.
I thank, then, Association volunteers who are working to raise awareness of our territory and a unique experience through this race that puts you in direct contact with nature. "
And he is continuing his words We want to thank all employees and volunteers who have helped us achieve our magnificent event, putting in everything a real passion for the sport.
Now I try, knowing that I will forget someone, so right away I apologize, to list all:
Path: Captain Lorenzo Soligo with plotter Spigariol Valentino and Matteo advisor Incaudo, which represent the Scope and Bulldozers;
Hero's Journey: Mama Travelers Ilaria Faenza;
Logistics: My Head Cristina Choir with aides Elisabetta Zanetti, Mara Dainese, Katia Fold, Ivana Biasuz, Sonia Bof and Always present Fulvio Lorenzon;
The ASD Stizz├│n of Seren del Grappa, captained by friends Simone and Nicola Zanin Rech;
Alpine Group Seren, president of the Friend Mario Rech;
Feltre Alpini Section;
Alpine Group of Romano d'Ezzelino, contact the friend Roberto Galvan;
Alpine Group Semonzo, president of the Friend Giampaolo Citton;
Alpine Group of Cassola, President Simone Bresolin;
Gruppo Sportivo "FOREDIL" of Padua, led by Amico Diego Bovolato;
The Proloco of Seren del Grappa, President Maura Rech;
The Civil Protection of Seren del Grappa represented by Fabrizio Scopel;
The Quad represented by the historian Francesco De Chickens Friend, by Paolo Rech and Sergio Polato;
I 4×4 represented by Granitico Oriano Ongarato;
Some names scattered like CarloAlberto Lapps, The doctor and Friend, Yours is our guardian angel;
Michele Rumor, Refreshments for Fener;
Massimo Naletto, He had to make the trip but having been injured in a spirit of Friendship, It remained to help Journey;
Vanni Fiorot, for the help in the Moro Pra;
Isabella Pilo for activities in favor of carers;
A My Personal mention the Friend David Pegoraro and his wife Elena to support the trip and help to carers of welcoming athletes Cima Grappa for a ride "History" area;
Alex Geronazzo and his passion for Sportbox laying on his being Speaker;
Fabio Florio, Sanity Service.
Governments all, represented by two main Seren del Grappa, Mayor Dario Scopel, and Feltre, Mayor Paul Perenzin.
Last but not least, Alessandro Conte my counselor.
We also thank the sponsors, ALL, that helped support our initiative!
In particular way Devis Zasso of Alpenplus, Main sponsor;
Finally, in conclusion, for the past without being last the success of this edition is due to you and Trail runners, I want to thank you for this, You have participated in the Heart!
Thank you all and CiriSiVede the start line next year!!


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